Nail Fungus Cure Options


Of all the embarrassing afflictions that you can experience throughout your life, having fungus beneath your nails has to be one of the worst. Not only does it affect the way that your nails look, but in severe cases can affect the smell of your hands. This is why it is important to know how to cure nail fungus even if you aren’t affected by it personally. Through proper treatment and a healthy nail care routine, you can easily get rid of and cure the fungal infection beneath your nails, and also get your nails back to looking healthy again with ease.

7Nail Fungus Cure

There are many fingernail fungus cure options available both through your doctor, over the counter medicines at your local drug store, and simple home remedies. Each of these options has its benefits as well as drawbacks such as amount of time it takes to cure the fungal infection, or the side effects that you may experience due to the treatment option that you chose. No matter which route you choose to take in your nail fungus cure, it will certainly be the best fit for you and your budget to regain your healthy nails.

Doctor Prescribed Medications

Your doctor will likely choose the prescription of anti-fungal medication that they feel will work for you, however, there are many medications to choose from. There are topical treatments, as well as internal treatments that your doctor may prescribe to you to cure the fungal problem under your nails. While these possess side effects such as rash or stomach problems due to use, they have promising results that will clear up the nail fungus easily and in a timely manner. This group of options for a nail fungus cure has many benefits as your doctor will point out, however, the cost of the medications may or may not be covered through your health insurance or may be expensive without insurance. Research as to the coverage of your health insurance policy and whether they will cover this treatment is required and suggested. Depending on the medication, your doctor will explain how long the medication will take to eliminate the fungus under your nails.

Over the Counter Medications

Speaking to the pharmacist at your local drug store is a good place to start when looking to cure nail fungus through over the counter medications. These products will likely be in the form of topical creams and while this is a discrete way to treat your nail fungus, the reliability of the products that you will have access to are not a complete guarantee. Your pharmacist will likely know what you need to look for and the products that will work best on your nail fungus as well as make suggestions for how to treat the fungus properly. The one downfall to topical creams that can be purchased over the counter is that they may possess an odour that will possibly alert those around you of the treatment process. However, through proper nail care as well as the use of these over the counter products, it is likely that you may have some luck in getting rid of the fungus without any issues. Different products vary in the amount of time they take to work and get rid of fungus, and depending on how advanced the problem has gotten will also determine the time it will take. Your pharmacist may provide you with a window for either improvement or cure, however, this is not concrete.

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