White Toenail Fungus: Causes and Treatments


White toenail fungus is a fungi that afflicts different people by invading the nail bed of the toenail and causing discoloration, disfigurement, as well, as thickening and splitting of the nail. While this white nail fungus can be only a cosmetic affliction, over time, it can become a cause of pain and irritation due to the thickening and splitting of the nail. There are different causes for this fungal infection of the nail, and many of the causes can be easily avoided through cleanliness and proper care of your nails which can help to prevent the infestation of the fungus in the nail bed.

10White Toenail Fungus

White toenail fungus is caused by a fungi known as Onychomycosis which is common in older adults, this fungus is also the cause of many other fungal afflictions as it is also the cause of athlete’s foot. It has become known that this fungi is also associated with those who don’t take proper care of their diabetes and possess weakened immune systems. Those who have this fungus under toenails should seek treatment as soon as it is noticed to avoid any damage or loss of the nail. There are many treatments that you can seek to cure toenail fungus which can provide you with many options to choose from when getting rid of the affliction.

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